Vaibhav's Testimony

Two years ago my mother passed away from heart failure. She was the closest person to me in the whole world. Her demise was a shock for me. I couldn’t bear the pain of separation. I got lost in anxiety, jealousy and hatred. I considered God as a tyrant who takes away life at His whim. But one night, my aunt from Tanzania called me, at about 1am. I shared my disdain for God with her. But she made me realise what God did was necessary to free my mother from her endless pain, that he cared for her just as he cares for us. She told me that God still loves me and His love shall be delivered to me, if I put my faith in the right place, in Lord Jesus.

We did a sinner’s prayer, and that was the beginning of my one way journey with Lord Jesus Christ. I’ve never looked back and with CTF, my faith in Him has increased manifold. I’ve come to know Him as my Abba.

I have full faith in Jesus Christ, and in Him and only in Him shall I put my heart and deeds.